When Kids Take Over

Today I'm excited because I had a little help yesterday.
You see, I'd cleared the character case with every intention of selecting new books to display, but then one task led to another and it was recess time when I was approached by a kindergarten girl ... and future teacher for sure.

Kyleigh: I see that you're changing the books out today.
Me: Why yes, Kyleigh, I am. How observant of you.
Kyleigh: Well, how about you call me to your office when you're ready to get that done and I'll help pick out the new ones. I would love to see how you get them in there!

Talk about a brilliant idea. 
So that's what I did.
As her class passed by my office on their way back in from recess, I invited little Kyleigh and her friend Hailey into my office to help complete that little task. Funny thing is, as I visited with their teacher about why I needed them, Kyleigh came right in and made herself at home, in my office chair, with Hailey right beside her in the chair reserved for clients. It was the cutest thing!

I told them they could each pick three books and I'd pick one.
And here, in no particular order, with no particular rhyme or reason except that these titles caught their eye, are their picks.

What Are You So Grumpy About? by Tom Lichtenheld.
This was Kyleigh's pick because she thought the boy looked funny, in a mad sort of way. I like the bluebird of happiness.
I Love It When You Smile by Sam McBratney. A Hailey selection, because of the cute kangaroos.
Hurty Feelings by Helen Lester. Hailey picked this one, too, because of the hilarious hippo.
The Peanut-Free Cafe by Gloria Koster. Kyleigh tells me that they have two peanut allergy kids in her class, so that's why she wanted this one. Text-to-self connection?
The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill. Hailey was curious what this mean girl was so mad about. (They actually asked me if I could read this one to them before they went back to class ... and I did ... shhhhh, don't tell Mrs. Krail!)
Ben & Zip: Two Short Friends by Joanne Linden. This is my pick because it's brand new and a lot of fun. Look for my review next month.
The Secret Olivia Told by N. Joy. Kyleigh's first pick, actually, but she didn't tell me why. Maybe because of the red balloon in the background?

Anyway, there you have it, our character case for the next few weeks. And a new idea, to let students have that job. Those girls loved going through my library, finding the perfect books, taking their dust jackets off of them, carrying them down the hallway, and reaching in from behind to position the books just right. As they helped me, it flashed me back to first grade when I got to help Aunt Norma clean chalk dust off of the erasers.

Kids. If only grown-ups would just get out of their way.
Thank you, Kyleigh, for that gentle reminder.


  1. Awwwwww....smart girls...smart YOU!!! <3

  2. Those sweet little girls made some excellent choices!


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