A Friendly Twist

I'll admit it freely ... I'm a sucker for clever.
I marvel at magic.
I'm drawn to adorable.
I'm easily caught by cute.
So this Coke icebreaker with a friendly twist clip
melted me before I even saw it.

How is that even possible? you might wonder.
Well, someone told me about it ... 
and I couldn't wait to get home and search for it.
And I loved it every bit as much on the screen.
What a FUN engagement {n}ice breaker!

I think we've come close to this idea twice.
Once, we grouped our staff with a simple song.
Each faculty member got a 3x5 card with a song title.
They had to sing (or hum) the song to find their group.
Songs like Happy Birthday or Row Row Row Your Boat.
It was a riot, for most of us anyway.

The other time we needed pairs, I made bumper-sticker sized
cards from old file folders with common cliches written on them.

Font by Kimberly Gaswein

I cut the cards in half like puzzle pieces 
and we gave one to each participant.
When it was time to pair up, they were told to find
the half that would complete their cliche.
There was an instant energy in the room
as they interacted with one another 
to try to find their other half.
Again, kind of a friendly twist.
What are some of your best icebreaker ideas?

To our friends at Coca Cola, thanks for the Saturday smile!

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