Happy, Happy, Goose

What a week! I started my peace classes and we've had a blast talking about feelings, mindset, and superpowers. But, if I'm being totally honest, I have to share that something about teaching preK kiddos kind of worries me. Perhaps it's because my teacher training all those years ago was for a certification in secondary education. Or maybe it's because those preschool years are such a distant memory in my personal life. It's probably all of that, combined with the fact that I'm scared that they won't engage like my older learners, and then what? Whatever it is, those feelings always subside once we get going, and this week was no exception. I taught five preK classes and each one was more entertaining than the last!

We read this adorable little newcomer ...

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and author interview.

... not because I think it's all that, but because it's a good one for  focusing on feelings and to assist in imaginary play. And play we did! We stopped on every page. We made motions and noises to show how to fly off a slide, we made our imaginary cupcakes disappear, we turned up our noses to the peas on the plate. We saw the mommy get mad like mommies sometimes do when we make a big mess. And {warning!} we felt a little embarrassed when we saw the bare bottom pop out of the water in the bathtub. We made happy faces, sad faces, mad faces, surprised faces, scared faces, and happy faces again. And it was a blast!

After we read, we played a riveting version of Duck, Duck, Goose with the feelings words Happy, Happy, Sad. It was obvious that some of the children had not ever played this game, but it didn't matter because they loved the 'chase me!' part for sure. A few of the ones who had played it cracked me up because they said Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Goose! as they circled up, touched our heads, and got ready to run. Then they'd cackle and squeal with delight. 
We had oh, so much fun playing with feelings.

Note to self: Sometimes Quite often our worries are bigger than anything that could really ever materialize. What superpower could help me embrace that as a life mantra to ward off worry?

Have  a happy, happy weekend.


  1. A Happy, Happy Goose weekend to you Ms Gruener!

  2. Sounds like preschoolers were a good fit for you. I think we'll have play the has pay, happy, sad game. Adding book to my wish list. Have a great weekend, friend.

  3. What a blessing it is that you're training some of our youngest little learners. Their superpowers will be ahead of the game once they're in elementary school!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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