Happiness & Harmony

Today I'm grateful because I got the sweetest tweet this afternoon, from a counselor in Indiana. Look at her super  silhouette:

And as delighted as I am at her thoughtfulness,
I'm really energized that she is getting ready for next year already.
Isn't that inspirational?
We're not even at the end of this school year yet,
and many of us are exhausted,
tuckered out,
But not Ms. Kozuch.
Or maybe she is.
{She has to be, right?}
But instead of staying in PJs all day and watching the Hallmark Channel (like I did),
she's planning, embracing, doing. For next year.
Forward thinking.
I admire that in a role model. 
It inspires me. 
It makes me happy.

True confessions:
Things have not felt very harmonious in my heart lately;
in fact, it has been chaotic, messy, painful.
But with every tweet, text, email, and call of support,
I feel like I'm turning a corner
and finding myself again.

What I'm learning in the process of change is how much I value 
the loving kindness and care of friends and family near and far,
not only when things are working in concert with ease, 
but also in times of discord and dissonance.

That's when thought, word & deed harmonize for me. 
It's a formula for happiness.
And a chance to feel hopeful again.

Cape up ... a new school year is just around the corner!


  1. I love that you are inspiring others about the ways they teach character months in advance of when they'll actually teach. You have a lovely influence.

  2. Thank you, Tammy. SUPER fun that you stopped by and awfully kind of you to leave your sweet reflections. It's true what they say about the law of attraction: What we appreciate, appreciates!

  3. You have given so much to other teachers to help them in their work, now you're seeing them take off with their own spin on things! You are inspiring.


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!

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