Mapping Our Thoughts

I'm thinking about Thinking Maps today because of a post I saw yesterday at Made In The Shade In Second Grade. Lisa and Beth made these AmAzInG behavior management maps for their readers and, when I couldn't get them to download from TpT, they sent them to me digitally by email to share with my staff. How SWEET is that? 
Visit them at the link above to download yours today.

Our GT coordinator conducted an inservice on Thinking Maps before school started (another reason these new ones are going to excite my staff!), so I've seen a lot of them surface this year. Laura, one of our newest second-grade team teachers, posted this double-bubble that she found 
on First Grade Blue Skies and did right before the holidays to compare Santa with an Elf.

Melanie in first and Deanna in third used a similar map with their cross-aged Book Buddies. The difference here is the bubble in the middle so that a third trait connects the two:

Here are a few more examples from the third-grade hall.

The cool thing is that these aren't cookie-cutter products; each one is different and unique. Students benefit from the engagement, ownership, and higher-level thinking skills required to adequately think through and complete the maps. I can't wait to see how the behavior ones promote self-regulation and ultimately change classroom climate! 


  1. I too love the behavior mgt, respect ones. Thanks for the tip.

  2. This would be a great activity for small groups on friendship and problem solving!!! Thanks as always for sharing!!!



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