Object Lessons

This page is a collection of object lessons that will engage students as you imprint character virtues and values on their hearts and minds. Click on graphics and links to be transported to some interactive experiences. Welcome!

Trustworthiness: 'Water' You Covering Up.
Integrity using lemons from Middle School Counselor blog.

Fairness using bandaids from Sunny Days in Second Grade.

Gossip using glitter from Musings of a Middle School Counselor.

Fairness using a fictitious WOW award  ~ The Corner on Character.

Perseverance & Grit using a carrot, an egg & coffee beans ~ Chris Cade.

Respecting Differences using puzzle pieces from Steve Sandman.
Fairness & Privilege using paper from Buzz Feed.

Choosing Friends using noodles from Your Life Uncommon.

Teaching Confidence using cookies from Raising Lemons blog.

Kindness using chains from Kidlutions blog.

Stereotyping Activity at Making It As A Middle School Teacher.

Caring using the Wrinkled Heart from College Ready blog.

Words Matters using sandpaper from The School Counselor Kind.

Filtering Thoughts using coffee filters from Teach 123.

Being Flexible using a pipe cleaner from Connected Families blog.

Respect using apples.
Pinch of Kindness using an egg ~ Counselor Allene Byroad.

Empowerment using balloons from The Asset Edge.

Problem Solving using a piece of string ~ The Corner on Character.

Perseverance using Warheads candy ~ Elementary School Counselor. 

Forgiveness using potatoes from Margie's Messages blog

Trustworthiness using cardboard block ~ The Corner on Character.

Honesty using ice cream from Over The Moon blog.

Kindness Matters using marshmallows from Pennies of Time.

Making Respectacles with pipe cleaners ~ The Corner on Character.

School Climate using pepper and soap from Character Counts! 

Elevating Empathy using shoes from Counselor Tanya Kirschman.

The Empathy Switch using your hands ~ the Corner on Character.

Character Rocks using river rocks from Runde's Room blog.

Vision using a bar of soap from Next 90.

Use the hands to teach about growth mindset.

Celebrating Diversity using eggs from Kid Activities blog.

Celebrating Diversity using paint from edu-leader Angela Griffin. 

Growing Independence using eggs from Steve Sandman.

Celebrating Differences using yarn.
Moral Muscles from Character In Action.

Friendship Treasure Hunt from The Corner on Character.

SUPERHERO bracelets using beads from Amy Labrasciano.

Responsibility: What's At Stake?
Decision Making: Choices, consequences, responsibility and stakeholders using a bottle of glue.
Power Line Activity from Hannah Lein.

Courage at Elementary School Counselor.

Bullying Prevention using a balloon from Teaching Tolerance.

Brush Up on Respect using toothpaste from Teaching Tolerance.

The power of words using toothpaste.
Try one or both of these Fairness interactive lessons:

Honesty using black licorice by Verna Kokmeyer.

Prioritizing responsibilities using sand, pebbles & rocks ~ 7 Big Rocks.

Model Virtues Magic using a paper bag from The Corner on Character.

Cooperation/communication using cups

Play the Step Up game to help students connect and elevate empathy.

Five strong coffee-filter ideas courtesy of Confident Counselors.

Save Fred
Team-building challenge posted by Purdue.edu, as shared by Stacy Fox
Growth mindset challenge using just a paper and some scissors!

The BandAid Lesson and more from Elizabeth Chapman.
Growth Mindset: Watch as kids "untie" their human knot!


  1. I am part of a group that is offering workshops for young girls, focusing on relationship skills, healthy friendships, confidence and emotional regulation. Would it be permissable to use some of the activities and crafts that you have posted? If so, how would we credit you?

    1. Thanks, Shelley; I would be happy for you to share. If you use this page as the source, then they'll find what they need and where the idea came from if it's not originally mine. Or click the links for the original source; either way works. Sounds like a fantastic workshop!


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