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Barbara Gruener
Counselor, Speaker, Author, Life Coach
Hello and welcome to my Corner. 

After 39 amazing years of growing alongside learners of every age and stage which included more than two decades of sharing what I was learning with and from them both nationally and internationally, I am having a blast in my encore career speaking, coaching, writing, and mentoring. It would be my honor to customize the keynote for your next conference or lead an upcoming team-building event for you. Click {here} for my brochure.

My books, What's Under Your Cape?, and

our picture bookMr. Quigley's Keys, both earned 
a Mom's Choice Gold Medal Award.

I'm passionate about my high-energy, interactive presentations. Check out my Character Is Our Superpower breakout {hereand my USD Character Conference keynote {here}.

Sometimes I even dress up; here I am in my (n)ICE Queen gown for my Kindness Is The Real Global Warming keynote address at the National Forum in DC. Watch it {here}.

Are you ready to Sing, Dance, Laugh and Connect?

It'll be a 'hoppy' time, guaranteed!

Come prepared for an interactive, engaging object lesson (or two!), a dance, a song, and some caring connections; 

leave with motivation, positivity, and joy, ready to change the world, one kind interaction at a time.

Sing along with the Friendswood Junior High Staff
as they create a caring climate

Watch what happens when counselors are tasked with not only keeping their own appreciations balloon in the air but also attempting to keep a colleague from keeping theirs up; such a strong metaphor for how our kryptonite threatens to steal our joy.

Whether we use our plates to draw pictures on our heads
or to share the one word that we want to leave people with,

it is bound to be a hope-filled time for making 
caring connections and enjoying meaningful play.

Let me know when you'd like to book your next growth learning session for the students, staff, or stakeholders in your character building; I promise it'll be inspiring and transformational, even if we have to connect virtually, through a computer screen, for now.


  1. I am new to blogging & I think it's so great how it connects us all around the US. I am a teacher in Pasadena ISD and live in CL. :)

    Are you familiar with Conscious Discipline? Our district is in the early stages of training to get all schools trained on this.

    Always Live.Laugh.Teach

  2. I am always looking for great character education books! Thanks! Theresa

  3. Barbara, I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for the warm welcome to the world of blogging.


  4. Barbara! Remember me from the Jeffereson conference?? So happy to find ur blog!
    Maureen buechel

  5. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I love it :) I'm trying to figure out how to follow this blog.. Thanks for all the amazing posts/ideas!

  6. Hi! I would love to know about your coffee with the counselor and ideas. I just cannot locate it in your website. I would like to have one.

  7. I've hosted three coffee chats - the first one I went over my Crayons to College guidance lesson and talked with the parents about what services a school counselor offers, then opened it up to Q & A. The second year I worked with the counselor next door and our topic was Bully-proofing your child. This year we did Elevating Empathy and walked them through the Empathy in a (Shoe) Box lesson, then shared some stats and read the book The Sandal Artist before Q & A/share time.

    Each time we served coffee with fancy creamers and I make pumpkin or zucchini bread. And each time it's been well received though not necessarily well attended . . . 9, then 22, then 9 again . . . still, it's worth it because these parents become our ambassadors . . . .

    You can email me if you have specific questions - gruenergang (at)

  8. Hi! We're hosting a Houston Bloggers Meet Up on June 29th! Click on the link below for more information. We hope you can make it!

    Teaching With Moxie

  9. We were delighted to see that you had mentioned our book WINSTON OF CHURCHILL: ONE BEAR'S BATTLE AGAINST GLOBAL WARMING. Thank you!
    And we're excited about the sequel FIVE FAMOUS MICE MEET WINSTON OF CHURCHILL. Our official publication date is Earth Day, April 22nd. We hope you will enjoy it as well!
    All good wishes,
    Jeanie Okimoto

  10. I sent you a little sunshine on my blog today. Check it out:


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