Reimagining School

Today I'm excited to share that the eBook I've been working on with Dr. Jean and our teacher friends Laura and Toni will be completed and available for purchase by mid-July.

When Anxiety Attacks: 12 Tools

Today I'm grateful to be able to help to lead this quick chat about empathy, compassion & kindness on Twitter and on Facebook live at 6 pm CST tonight. Please join us as we discuss nurturing these three glorious virtues and skills.

PPBF: All The Lost Things

Happy Friday; today I'm thinking about hope.

PPBF: The Lotus Seed

Happy Friday; today I'm excited because I completed my ASCA session this week, for our national conference online at the end of the month. Here's a slide I'm sharing, filled with my favorites to foster empathy, compassion and kindness.

Illuminating Hope

Today I'm excited to announce that Aubrey has won a copy of Time Off. And I'm grateful to be celebrating another birthday and our 29th wedding anniversary 
despite the deep darkness that overshadows the start of June of 2020.

Time Off At Work

Today I'm excited and grateful to be a stop on a virtual book tour so that I can share this must-have resource to help you unleash the power of taking a break.