Knitting Kindness

Today I'm grateful because I got to bake Pumpkin LOaVEs
and share them with my teaching team during a PD yesterday.

Love Heals The World

Can it be that tomorrow is November already?
Today I'm grateful for heart hugs that help me heal.

PPBF: Calling The Wind

Today I'm excited that PPBF is back and my pick
focuses on the healing from the loss of a loved one.

Nourishing Souls

Happy October. Today I'm excited because I get to present
a PD session on self-care and well-being tomorrow morning.

Pockets Of Peace

Happy Labor Day; it has been a month since I've posted
and we already have three weeks of school behind us.

Postponing Joy

This morning as I was watering my butterfly weed and washing away the aphids in an attempt to eradicate them, I was thinking about change, about evolving and transforming. And yes, about postponing joy.