PPBF: Chilly Da Vinci

Lately I've been thinking about my #oneword2018, vulnerability. Then yesterday, I came across this Brene Brown wisdom and it struck a dissonant chord with me.

To ask for what you need. That's a hard one for me.
{I'm thinking maybe next year, I pick an easier word?!}

A Recipe For Hope

Today I'm excited because I've stepped out of my comfort zone to enter a holiday writing contest that involves writing a children's story. Fiction. Something I don't feel very confident about. But since it's about a Holiday Hero, it called my name and really challenged me to craft my 250 words into a timely tale.

Using Gratitude & Kindness To Weather Life's Storms

Today I'm thinking about the weather, in part because
it's not feeling like Christmas here weather-wise. At all.
In fact, we were sweating as we hung the outdoor lights yesterday.
Meanwhile, my friend Laurel sends me winter pictures like this:

Am I really sure I want to go there next month? Brrrrrrrrr.

PPBF: Sloth At The Zoom

Today I'm excited because it's almost December, 
such a compassionate and caring time of the year.
A time of reflection.
A time of comfort and joy.
A time of hustle and bustle, if you let it be.

From Frailty To Strength

Today I'm still on a natural high from our annual Thanksgiving trek to the Texas Hill Country, a treasured tradition we planted twenty-one years ago.

Starfish and Superpowers

Today I'm on a natural high as I reflect on my time with the amazing school counselors in the Hoosier State. Almost a year ago, I got an email from the ISCA President Stephanie K with a kind invitation to keynote their state conference; 

look at the beautiful Starfish she gave me 
as a treasure to remember my visit and their theme.