Inspiring Mental Wealth

It's World Mental Health Day 2019;
imagine if every day were mental health day, 
a day in which we breathe hope, speak hope, live hope?

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PPBF: The Rabbit Listened

Happy PPBF.

I'm so excited about this week's pick, but first things first. Last night I got to speak at a Family Character Night at Ferguson Elementary and look at their cool Character-Cam Photo-Booth backdrop.

Strength And Resolution

Happy October. Who's ready for some fantastic Fall foliage?

The Story I'm Telling Myself

Happy Fall. How are things in your corner of our world today?

PPBF: Maybe

Today I'm excited because PPBF is back
and we've got the perfect pick!

A Window Into Our Hearts

Today I'm grateful. And a little tense.
Probably because school was closed today due to
Tropical Storm Imelda and because
it has only been two years since a big storm
we know as Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard.