Happiness Triggers

Today I'm thinking about my happiness triggers.

What They've Taught Me

So I was recently on jury duty, for FOUR long days, so my
student teacher sent me this picture of my lovely learners!

PPBF: Yazzy's Amazing Yarn

Today's I'm excited and grateful for this hand-knit colt,
something I ordered from my friend Audrye for the classroom but
think now that I might just have to keep for our Texas room at home.

PPBF: Peaceful Me

Happy #SELday 2023; where do YOU find yourself
this springtime afternoon on the Peace Attitude Scale?

We Won't Ever Regret Being Kind

Happy end of February; first, a story.

We Are Fluent In Feelings

Today I'm excited because I was able to send 50 of these beautiful, hand-crafted Valentines to three different assisted-living homes to bless the residents with sunshine and send some warmth their way this winter.