Laughing Matters

Today I'm thinking about laughter, perhaps because I found this treasure. 
Travel with me back to 1955 and meet my mom.

See her senior year page from of the high school yearbook.
Turns out, she loved to laugh.

B Is For Breathe

Happy Monday; how was your Father's Day?

Motivating Mindfulness

Today I'm excited because I spent yesterday with 
some motivated educators in Brazosport ISD 
learning about self-care and mindfulness. 
I just love inviting people to unwrap the present with me.

Just One Drop Of Kindness

Readers, we have a winner! To everyone who commented last week, we entered your names and our Super Wheel randomly selected Meghan, who now has a signed copy of Moon's First Friends coming her way.

Celebrating Every Day As Shoesday

Today I'm excited that my guest post about empathy 
is live {here} at the Character Strong blog.

PPBF: Moon's First Friends

What a week; first, we can finally see a small pin light at the end of a very long remodeling tunnel. With fresh paint on the walls and carpet and tile installed this week, we're almost finished with the bedroom half of the house.

Second, I got to spend an hour with the staff at
Salem Lutheran in Tomball, just north of me.
Look at the beautiful display in their library,
to pique the kids' interest in next year's theme.