October Optimism

Happy October, dear reader; if you've been looking up,
you may have noticed that the skies have been stunning.

Can We Keep You?

Today, some reflections from on this savory season of September through the lens at the starting gate of my sixth year of re-inspirement.

Winsome B2S Resources

Today was our first day of school; what fun I had volunteering as a hallway monitor and welcoming new-to-district students, helping them find where they were going. And tonight, I'm thinking about the word winsome, because somebody used that word to describe me recently.

When you're quiet

Happy new year; today I'm reflecting on compassion and connection.

His Princess Bride

This morning I'm reflecting on pain. And purpose.
On pushing forward and on The Princess Bride movie.

Mindful Movement With Yoga

Happy July, dear reader; how are you feeling today?