What Grief Looks Like

Recently I got a glimpse at what grief looks like,
through the lens of one of my 8th-grade friends.

PPBF: A Hat For Mrs. Goldman

Today I'm excited because I got this beautiful treasure in the mail.
From a first grader in Illinois. Can you tell what it says?
Growing character. Isn't that beautiful?

PPBF: Animal Architects

Today I'm still thinking about my baby brother Mark;
isn't this such a cute picture of him?
Missing him so very much.

Your Mipps-Sized Mark

Still ascending. That's what your boss told me, during our many conversations about you, Mark. He said that you were definitely still ascending. I like that, so I put it on the last photo you sent to us, of a paradise you saw in Maine on your last trip, just two days before you'd head to your heavenly paradise. Oh, how you loved to travel!

PPBF: The Remember Balloons

Happy return to PPBF: today I'm remembering.

Pressing PAZ

Today I'm feeling excited about this display;
what do YOU need to hear today?