For Such A Time As This

Today Franklin Rock, the novel I've just read, has me thinking about time.

PPBF: Sugar In Milk

Today I'm excited for our first PPBF of the new year.

Thank Goodness

Happy 2021; today I'm grateful that we were able to get back to WI for a few glorious days, and wake up to this incredible wintry beauty. 

Sharing Holiday Joy

Can it be Christmas Eve Eve 2020 already?

Glimpses Of Goodness

Happy Wednesday; how are things going in your Corner today?

Beyond The Bubble Bath

Today I'm grateful, because my self-care podcast episode is now live;
click {here} to tune for some out-of-the-tub S-A-F-E-R strategies,
like writing a thank-you note to yourself and tucking it away for later.