Developing By Design

Happy Sunday; today I'm still thinking about something that Houston Kraft told our kids about the culture of their school. He said that they needed to be intentional about how they act, because culture happens by design or default.

He challenged them to make their culture kind by design. 

PPBF: What If Everybody Said That?

Today I'm excited because on Wednesday I got to spend
the entire day (12 hours!) with one of my role models, Houston Kraft
We were awe-struck watching Houston interact with, inspire 
and influence our lucky sixth-and-ninth-grade FISD learners.
Regardless of how often I've heard my Character Strong teammate speak, 
he managed to bring me to tears. Three times.
{He humbly told me that that's not very hard to do.}

Of all the things that spoke to my soul, this adage still echoes.

Wait, what? More hunger for love and affirmation
than for bread? If that's true, why don't we do it more?

Color Me Calm

You may remember that I chose awe as my #oneword2019. 
As luck would have it, 2018 went out in an amazing blaze of glory; 
check out this picture our daughter took near Waelder, TX.

Crowning Moments

It's almost here, the end of one year, the start of another.
Today, a few things before I unplug for digital detox. 
First, I wrote these prompts to make holiday cards
to take along on our vacation home to Wisconsin.

An Awe-Struck New Year

Today it doesn't seem possible that Christmas 2018 is now just a distant memory. When you reflect on it through the rearview mirror, how was it? 

Did you find wonder and awe in the small moments?

PPBF: The Smallest Gift Of Christmas

Happy winter solstice; today I'm excited because just yesterday, I found out that one of my favorite mindfulness resources, the flip-the-sequins mermaid pillow, is now available as a blanket. Talk about your year-round holiday hug!