Color Me Calm

You may remember that I chose awe as my #oneword2019. 
As luck would have it, 2018 went out in an amazing blaze of glory; 
check out this picture our daughter took near Waelder, TX.

Crowning Moments

It's almost here, the end of one year, the start of another.
Today, a few things before I unplug for digital detox. 
First, I wrote these prompts to make holiday cards
to take along on our vacation home to Wisconsin.

An Awe-Struck New Year

Today it doesn't seem possible that Christmas 2018 is now just a distant memory. When you reflect on it through the rearview mirror, how was it? 

Did you find wonder and awe in the small moments?

PPBF: The Smallest Gift Of Christmas

Happy winter solstice; today I'm excited because just yesterday, I found out that one of my favorite mindfulness resources, the flip-the-sequins mermaid pillow, is now available as a blanket. Talk about your year-round holiday hug!

Kindness Sets My Soul On Fire

Straight talk: Kindness sets my soul on fire.

Pay It Forward Plates And More

We started today with our annual Lessons and Carols service in church; I love it when John's Brass band joins the winds and the strings to accompany the choir and lead our worship. Such a beautiful way to start the week.

This week, I delivered several Pay-It-Forward plates 
to people in our community who serve. 
Or to family and friends.