The Year of WE

Happy new year from Whitcomb Elementary,
where we're celebrating the year of WE.

What Should Danny Do?

Happy Friday; today I'm excited because we get to celebrate
Jacob's 25th birthday as a family this weekend.
It doesn't seem possible that a quarter of a century has gone by
since this boy came into our lives during a thunderstorm.

Spectacular Picture-Book Picks

Today I'm thinking about all of the picture books I've added to my shelves 
this summer as we gear up for the 2019-2020 school year.
How many of these beautiful gems do you already have?

To Feel Like Home

Happy August. In Texas, it's typically the hottest month,
but also a season filled with anticipation and joy
as schools reopen and prepare for another year
of stretching, learning, connecting, and growth. 

Like Oxygen

Happy Thursday. I've been unplugged for a bit,
enjoying beautiful sunsets like this one, in Wisconsin.

Connecting With Curiosity

I'll be honest; it hasn't felt all that sweet or homey lately,
during the mess of the remodel. But today,
the new doormat our front door says it all.