When You Were My Teacher

What a week it has been, one that started with a hurricane's frightening fury for 9 hours, followed by a 14-hour power outage for us and longer than that for millions of others. I'm sad that we lost this special front-yard tree, a maple that John planted a decade or so ago, so that I'd get to experience the autumn colors that I'm accustomed to from my childhood.  

Captivating Kindness

Today I'm grateful for this extra-special delivery that's just oozing with empathy, compassion, kindness, connection, and love.

PPBF: Kit and the Missing Notebook

As I talk with people about their nicknames, I see all sorts of emotions on their faces, in their eyes and surging through their veins, so I thought, why not make that convo into an ice breaker.

PPBF: Race To Kindness

Today's PPBF is like a huge heart hug!

PPBF: Just Because

My Smile File, a bittersweet collection of cards and letters from my school families over the last 40 years, is confirmation that contradictory feelings can co-exist. Just because my Smile File makes me feel so happy doesn't mean it's not also melancholy for me as I revisit these notes.

Dancing Through Life

So I saw this meme online the other day and it made me laugh, so I added it to this picture of the dance that my cam caught John and Jacob doing in their kitchen assembly line Saturday, so that friends and family can 
(see what I did there?) enjoy fresh salsa all year long! 🍅💃🍅