Pockets Of Peace

Happy Labor Day; it has been a month since I've posted
and we already have three weeks of school behind us.

Postponing Joy

This morning as I was watering my butterfly weed and washing away the aphids in an attempt to eradicate them, I was thinking about change, about evolving and transforming. And yes, about postponing joy.

No More Next Times

Today I'm thinking about the words next time.

Maslow Before Bloom

As July comes crashing to a close, I'm thinking a lot
about this upcoming school year, year 39 for me.

Longing For Kindness & Connection

Lately I've been thinking about our longing for kindness and connection.

Highlights From #ASCA22

Today I'm feeling at once exhausted and energized
after a few days away to attend #ASCA22 in Austin.