Disrupting Autopilot

Happy #GivingTuesday. What a blessing, that we could
set aside a day to support our favorite non-profits as we
wrap up our Thanksgiving holiday and move into December.

An Avalanche of Gratitude

Today I'm grateful because on Monday, I'll be a
featured speaker at a Lutheran Church Conference;
here's one of the slides I've been working on.

PPBF: I Am Love

Today I'm excited because I've just returned from
an epic speaking trip to Missouri and Illinois;
first, I saw this beautiful Gratitude Pumpkin idea.

Gratitude: More Than A Feeling

Today I'm excited because the Astros are on TV as I reflect,
vying for the title of World Series Champs 2019.
Mostly, I love the size of their hearts and
the strength of their character!

PPBF: Bad Day

Today I'm still reflecting on last week's beautiful trek back home;
look at how picturesque the WI fall foliage looks on our TX porch.

Living Life Forward

I once heard Michael Josephson recommend that we
think about what we want people to say at our funeral, 
then live life backward and do just that.
On purpose.
With intention.
Recently, I saw this quote, prompting reflection on also
living life forward.