Look UP And Know

Happy Easter.
Today's worship service left me so incredibly emotional and raw.
 The music, the fanfare, the jubilation, the celebration. 
Words powerful enough to describe that experience escape me.

Instead, let me share about yesterday's mindful morning trek
to the Gruener farm, where wild dewberries made this
the prettiest {and tastiest} fence line around.

The bright sun warmed our skin as we braved the bramble
and came away blessed with lots of these tasty treasures. 

Need Some Help?

Happy Easter weekend. How will you celebrate?
I'm still savoring this kind interaction from earlier this week
after we mowed the lawn for the first time this season.
The mist that dampened the air was gaining momentum; 
as John and I furiously worked to get the sidewalks swept, 
a sweet superhero came by on his scooter 
and waved as he slowly rolled by. 

I recognized him as Hudson, the neighbor down the street whom I'd met a few times before; I knew he was transferring to my former school, so I asked him how his school year was going and how he liked Bales. He asked what I like about being a school counselor and how long I had stayed at that job.

Then, as if out of the blue, I heard three of the kindest words: 
Need some help?

Human Doings or BEings?

As I continue to dig into the practice of mindfulness,
of being in the moment and unwrapping the present,
I often wish we could go back and take away some of the
crazy running around we did when our kids were younger.
And when I make self-care suggestions,
they always have to do with us as human beings
rather than human doings.

Click this image for 10 Tips for give your self-care alternator a tune up.

BBPF: You Are Never Alone

Happy Friday; how are things going for you today?
I got back late last night from a Character Strong training in CA;
check out this serene sight from my airplane window.
Isn't the shadow of my plane encircled by a rainbow glorious?

A Commitment To Growth

Today I'm contemplating change as I think about a little seed, 
an unlikely place to plant {a crack in our back porch}, 
this healthy little sapling, and growing pains.

It surely gives Bloom Where You're Planted a whole new look.

PPBF: Peaceful Hearts

Happy Friday; how's April going in your corner so far?
Everything's coming up roses here. Can you smell them?
It's one of the reasons why I like springtime so much.