Like Christmas In July

Today I'm thinking about Balcony People, because they know this reminder 
from There's Good In Store to be true:

When Familiarity Fades

Happy August. Today I'm feeling with all of the educators and students who are gearing up to go back to school. The familiarity of school as we've known it has faded away; this typically-wonderful time of anticipation and wonder presents more like a time of heightened anxiety and worry this year.

A Tiny Bit Broken

Today I'm reflecting on this verse from the Bible 
that came on a card that my sister sent my way recently.

How To Build Authentic Relationships In The Virtual Classroom

Today I'm excited and grateful because I got to co-author this important piece in which we share these five sure-fire ways to connect with our students and their families virtually and/or in person.

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Listen Up!

Today I'm excited for my guest post at Dr. Jean's blog; click {here} to go there for this song and other fun ways to foster Emotional Literacy.

Virtual Classroom Theme Days

Today I'm excited because I've been editing our Virtual Classroom Survival Guide and it is incredible. With more and more districts deciding to start the year off by continuing the distance-learning model, this will be an amazingly powerful resource for elementary-school educators everywhere. I especially connect with all of the Social and Emotional Learning components seamlessly woven throughout.