PPBF: Kit and the Missing Notebook

As I talk with people about their nicknames, I see all sorts of emotions on their faces, in their eyes and surging through their veins, so I thought, why not make that convo into an ice breaker.

PPBF: Race To Kindness

Today's PPBF is like a huge heart hug!

PPBF: Just Because

My Smile File, a bittersweet collection of cards and letters from my school families over the last 40 years, is confirmation that contradictory feelings can co-exist. Just because my Smile File makes me feel so happy doesn't mean it's not also melancholy for me as I revisit these notes.

Dancing Through Life

So I saw this meme online the other day and it made me laugh, so I added it to this picture of the dance that my cam caught John and Jacob doing in their kitchen assembly line Saturday, so that friends and family can 
(see what I did there?) enjoy fresh salsa all year long! 🍅💃🍅

PPBF: You're My Little Sunshine

Today I'm grateful for those people who are sunshine.

Today's Special Delivery

Today I'm grateful for my husband's thoughtfulness at snapping this shot of the moment when our mail carrier, Angela, arrived with Birdie & Mipps.