Just One More

My baby is turning 13 this week; here's a poem I wrote that was inspired by his tuck-in-time stall tactics. Happy Birthday, Joshua!

Just One More

It’s bedtime soon for Joshua, time to start winding down.
“But Mommy, I’m not ready yet,” he tells her with a frown.

She warms his favorite p.j.s (he likes his Snoopy ones best!).
Then runs warm water in his bath and helps him get undressed.

He soaps up well and lathers every inch of his smooth skin,
Then he dries off, all ready for his tuck-in to begin.

“Let’s talk about my school day now, I'll tell you ‘bout my friends.
There’s Shelby, Claire, and Dillon. . .” It's a list that never ends.

“I need a sip,” Mom hears him say, “Just one more thing to do.”
They head off to the kitchen for a glass of milk for two.

He says “good night” again and then, off to his room they go.
“Can we please tell some knock knock jokes?” is what he wants to know.

So Mom gives in just one more time; his jokes are so much fun.
Another day has come and gone, but this tike's not quite done.

Before Mom knows it, he’s back up, and running for the door.
“I didn’t pick my cars up, they’re still on the living room floor.”

Her little boy is stalling; it’s so cute she can’t believe
he’s got so many clever tricks up his pajama sleeve.

He finds his special blankey before Jacob comes to read.
After they finish three whole books, “Just one more, bud?” he’ll plead.

So one more book, then off to brush those little pearly whites.
He’s almost ready to crawl in and turn off all the lights.

“I need to kiss my sister and my dad and mommy, too.
I need to say I love you. It’s the last thing that I’ll do.”

He goes with mom back to his room and hugs her, oh so tight.
“Do you have time to cuddle before I fall sleep tonight?”

She crawls beneath his covers and she snuggles him awhile.
And when he’s almost fast asleep, he sneaks just one more smile.


  1. Time just flies by...what a special poem...he is a lucky boy!

  2. Awww. This is adorable!! You MUST publish this into a children's book! I am trying so hard to "catch up" on your blog....but this is one page I just want to stay on all night! THANK YOU for sharing this little gem with us. It is very personal and meaningful...something I know Joshua will cherish forever. I agree with Shawna that he's a lucky boy. :-)

  3. How absolutely perfectly perfect! Happy Birthday to your "baby"!

    Runde's Room

  4. My Friend, Barbara,
    That is SO sweet.
    I get to go to school SMILING today.
    Thanks for that...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  5. What a beautiful & sweet poem! Happy Birthday to you both!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  6. Thanks friends for your kind words! I had a lot of fun working on this one for obvious reasons. I'm just floored by how quickly time has flown. Truthfully, I can hardly remember when the boys looked like that . . . SO grateful for words and pictures!!

  7. So sweet and such a great reminder of how quickly these precious years go by. Snuggling with my kiddos is the best part of the day...even if they are trying to stay up just a smidgen longer. =) Beautiful poem, Barbara! Your kids are blessed to have you!


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