For Goodness Sake

Today, I'm roundin' up some 
one-of-a-kind ideas!

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Need some help with your spring cleaning? The Littlest Change, a 5013c nonprofit, is teaming up with thredUp to fundraise to create a win-win while you clear out your closets. Click {here} to join their group and get a bag that you can fill with unwanted clothing and ship off at no cost to you. All proceeds will go back to local communities via The Littlest Change.

Our friends over at The Letters of Gratitude have come up with a fun idea; for $5.00, less than a cup of coffee, they'll send three digital notes of gratitude to someone who has inspired you, someone you are grateful for, someone who has helped you heal, or someone who has been a good friend. There are even special notes designed for a teenagers and romantic ones designed for that special someone. What a super idea, repaying a kindness with another kindness, then watch that boomerang return ...

Jill over at Kids For Peace is already planning next year's Great Kindness Challenge. From their website:"I pledge to join together as we unite the big and small." Don't you love this? Can you imagine a world where that's the promise we all made each day? Isn't that cool?

And our friend Lisa Currie from The Ripple Kindness Project wrote this post awhile back with 8 reasons why kindness should be taught in schools. Click the cards if you want them at your school.

Need more service ideas? Visit House of Hendrix to read Gleaning Blueberries for the Homeless, Pennies of Time for Fun Summer Service Ideas, and meet the Hasbro Community Action Heroes

Kindness opportunities abound ... for goodness sake.

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