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One of my very favorite free resources for character educators comes from the Foundation for a Better Life.  Perhaps you've seen their television spots. I just love the one called Reach where the two guys see a beverage truck go by their jeep and, when they notice that the door has opened, they speed up to . . . no, not help themselves to one of the bottles, but rather help out by pulling it shut. Only about 30 seconds in length, these PSAs are short but they stay with me a long time. 
   The Foundation will send out free posters of their billboards to your school upon request. There's also a place for you (or your students!) to design your own billboards at their site. This ad for sportsmanship is a tribute to the two college softball players who carried an injured opponent around the bases so she could legally keep the only home run she would ever hit. 
   Here's the link to that sensational sports story - Touching Them All.  But be warned, you'll need plenty of Kleenex to make it all the way through this touching character clip. Good goes - pass it on!


  1. You were right when you said we'd need kleenex ... LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the video. I'm going to need to watch many more times before I show it to my class - I know it's OK for them to see me show emotion, but I don't think they're ready to see me cry like a baby. Thank-you for sharing!

    Runde's Roon

  2. Even though I first saw it two years ago, I still tear up every time I see it. Yesterday I had a private message from a colleague who said when she showed it to her students, the girls asked if she thought boys would do the same thing for an injured opponent. Interesting inquiry and segue into gender stereotypes and issues.


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