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Wanna turn up the H.E.A.T.?  (* H.E.A.T. comes from the Levels of Teaching Innovation Framework. For more information, visit The LoTi Connection)  Do you know about Film Clips For Character? They're fully-licensed, G-rated clips that are pulled from full-feature movies to help enrich your curriculum and enhance character development. Film Clips has the rights, for example, to the second part of the Pixar Short, Boundin'each clip ends with a reflection question and comes with a bountiful teachers' guide. 

Students of all ages LOVE these clips; try them and see.
Visit the Film Clips For Character website for a free two-week streaming preview or to order the collection that fits your needs. Tell them that Barbara sent you!

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  1. Good Morning, Barbara,
    This sounds great. I've got to check this out!
    I'll email you later, BlogFriend...
    I won the war with the mailbox!

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