Superheroes and Special People

Today I'm excited because I'm guest posting over at the Character Educator, so use the link to fly on over and read my article called 

I'm also digging this bulletin board in our kindergarten hallway; what a creative way to combine two special days 
{Valentine's Day and the 100th Day} 
and celebrate the special people in our lives.

What are you loving about today?


  1. So cute Barbara and what a great way to hit them both! What I am loving about today is that I'm off and Tammy is on a field trip with our kiddos (I am NOT of fan of fields trips at all!). Also loving new found bloggy friends like yourself! Happy Heart Day!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

    1. Don't repeat this, but I'm not a fan of field trips, either ... most likely because both of my boys got lost at one point during theirs ... Jacob's group actually left him in the bathroom in DC when he was in 6th grade ... talk about heart palpitations ... poor thing! Thanks, Christy, for stopping by for a visit.

  2. What I'm loving about today is that I got a package in the mail from you - the character border. Thanks so much!!!

    1. WoW - that was speedy delivery. I'm glad it made it there safely. Thank YOU for being such an encourager at the Corner!


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