Something Tweet

Happy Valentine's Day!
Today I've got a recommendation and a request.

My recommendation is this darling book called The Invisible String by Patrice Karst and illustrated by Geoff Stevenson. 
{I sometimes get SO excited about the text that I forget to mention the incredible illustrations.}

Anyway, if you don't already have this title on your shelves, you might want to check it out; such a lovely way to stay close and hold dear to those you love during times when you have to be apart.

And now for my request. I've got this board ready for 'something tweet' but I'm not sure what sounds the best. Bucket Filler Border and a pink background ... a larger-than-life image of the bluebird of happiness 
(aka the Twitter bird) ... and what should the text be?

A. Tell me something tweet.
B. Always find something tweet to say.
C. If you can't say something tweet, 
don't say anything at all.
D. Being friends with you is so tweet.
E. Other

In the event that you choose E, it'd make my day if you'd leave me a comment with your creative idea.

Finally, if you haven't already seen this Horatian Satire in which Common Core meets the real world, turn up the speakers and prepare to 
laugh. out. loud!


  1. Just had my Invisible String story ready to go a couple of weeks ago for a student whose mother was going to be deployed but the Navy postponed the departure due to the pending sequestration! Then I ended up needing it for a student who's father took a job in Minnesota and won't be joined by the rest of the family until June. It's one of my favorite stories...but it seems I always call on it during a sad time!

    As for the bulletin board, I like A. I can't think of anything else because after indulging my Tweet Tooth all day, well...I'm not feeling very creative!

    Thanks for sharing the video clip. My staff loved it!

    1. Thank You, Lisa, for sending me my copy of this book ... and for helping me choose a saying for my tweet new board ... Terri ought to have the blue bird ready soon and maybe seeing it up will help, too.


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