Wanted: Good News!

Today I'm happy because the Gruener Generator randomly selected a winner of the Bucket Border from Friday's giveaway. 
Congratulations, Susan! 
You've got a package coming your way this week. 
Thanks to everyone who played along.

Today I'm jazzed to be linking up with sweet Jennifer over at 
Rowdy In First Grade because I love it when people 
pass on their positivity!

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 My good news at home is that this morning {day 31 of my recovery} I got behind the wheel for the first time since the collision and drove to church. Yay! I had to use Jacob's car since we haven't had a chance to replace the van yet, but it is delightful nonetheless to have successfully tackled that obstacle and be looking at it in my rearview mirror

My good news at school is that we hosted a successful 
Souper Bowl of Caring food drive last week. Our donations will be replenishing the depleted shelves at the local food pantry which partners with us to make our Buddy Backpack program work, so it's a win-win. It truly is food for my soul to see the kids bringing in cans and boxes and stopping by my office to share a story about this or that on their way to the donation station. It gives the phrase comfort food a whole new meaning.

My online good news is that manners matter! Kudos to the restaurant that rewarded a family for well-behaved kids not only with an ice cream sundae but also with a $4 discount on the bill. Click {here} to read that positively uplifting story.

And finally, today I'm psyched because Jo, my friend and scout up in Wisconsin, shared a motivational clip with me that I simply must pass along to you. It kind of reminds me of these wise words from Zig:

Font by Kimberly Geswein

Click the link below to head to You Tube for a 
booster shot of motivation
watch it daily to help you remember that 
We're All In This Together.


  1. Love that quote! Thanks for sharing...I found you through the linky party and I'm your newest follower :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  2. You motivate me! So glad to see your on the road to recovery Barbara-stay well!

  3. Woohoo for driving! Dave Ramsey is a Zig fan. I like the way he thinks.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. I'm very excited that I won the border and VERY thankful that your recovery is going well and you were able to drive again. Wonderful news!!

  5. Yay! for driving again! I guess? Mobility is a good thing. You are positively uplifting and your posts are always a good thing to visit! Thanks!

  6. I'm so glad you're doing so well and getting to drive again! I just loved the story of that family getting a discount too. The teacher in me always gets annoyed at the kids running around a restaurant like it's a playground! So happy you linked up friend!

    Rowdy in First Grade


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