Your Permanent Purpose

With such pretty springtime weather here in the south, it's hard to believe that it's still winter up north. As I sit at my breakfast-nook window, 
I see birds that have migrated to my back yard to escape 
the frigid temps and unforgiving climate of the frozen tundra, 
and it seems like we are worlds apart. 

And yet, we're closer than we think. The internet connects us. Big sporting events tend to bring us all together. And tragedy certainly has the power to unite us as one.
So today while reflecting, I found myself pondering how my actions down here might affect somebody somewhere else, and, voila, this Simple Truths film clip just happens to pop up in my email. 

If you're looking to be inspired or challenged today, 
then turn up the speakers and experience
See just how your every-day actions ripple out not only into today, but into tomorrow, and for months and years to come.

What will your permanent purpose be today?

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