My Little Ponytail

What's a picture worth?

Meet Carly and Kaitlyn, at ten and twenty, they are a decade apart in age but today they're as close as they can be, connected by a cause dear to their hearts ... and heads!
Helping cancer patients. 

In front of a student body of nearly a thousand, they joined twenty five other Ponytail Club members (ranging in age from 5 to 55-ish) who contracted to grow their hair out so that they could cut off their lovely locks to donate them for wigs.

We projected the super cuts on the big screen!

As their hair grew, so did their empathy and compassion for kids and adults alike who face the challenges of cancer and chemo. For more information, visit Locks of Love or Hawk's Locks For Kids

Summertime just got a little cooler for these Ponytail Club donors.

We thank the stylists who partnered with us by donating their time and talents for this worthwhile venture.

For those who missed their chance to join us this year, 
we will be donating again same time next year.

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