Coming Home

It's that time again, when high school football teams celebrate Homecoming and students everywhere eagerly await to be reunited with their college-aged friends who are able to make it home. Do you have a Homecoming game?

Myrlene Kennedy (an Assistant Principal at FHS when I worked there and the Principal for a few years before moving to the District Administration Team) does such a great job of keeping in touch with former students and reaching out to them to welcome them back with a nice reception for their twenty-year class reunions. School pride and loyalty are important to Dr. Kennedy. Now in her 55th year of educating hearts and minds for the future, Dr. Kennedy started teaching before I was even born. I admire her passion and am inspired by her dedication. She amazes me. 

Anyway, Homecoming is a big deal here in Texas.

Just look at the yearbook page from last year's 
FHS Homecoming celebration:

Students select three Homecoming Queen candidates and the Football Team chooses three Football Sweetheart nominees from the senior class. At the game, they crown a Queen and a Sweetheart. Not only was the Sweetheart, Anna, an alumni of our elementary school and the older sister of one of the senior football players, she is also a student with developmental delays who has worked very hard to overcome obstacles and find success. 
It made my heart happy that she had been selected and was being honored with the title of Football Sweetheart! 
Just look at how precious she is and 
what a surprise it obviously was to hear her name announced. 
(See Jacob with his trumpet behind her top left?)

Yesterday I saw this news clip out of Huntsville, Texas, 
with coincidental similarities to Anna's story.
Click {here} to be inspired by these compassionate classmates who are mining for true beauty, inside and out.
 And whether this young lady wears the crown in the end or not, 
my guess is that she'll always feel like royalty.

Don't you just love good news?


  1. YAY! I love that story. What a tribute to Estefania--but also to the students who nominated her. Ahhhh, it makes my heart happy to see such goodness in the world!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Yes, I do just love good news. This got me right in the heart and I can't wait to share it with my own developmentally delayed daughter. Thank you for sharing such inspiring stories!


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