The Kindness Change

Happy Unity Day.
This morning I've got a little extra time as I put my final preparations on my trip to the CEP National Forum. My plane leaves about 11 and I'm ready to launch. 
But first, some thoughts about kindness.

This quote by revered author Og Mandino is a little blunt, 
I'll admit, but it hits the nail on the head for me. 
What are we waiting for, people? 
(See how I got around ending a sentence with a preposition)

Don't get me wrong; acts of kindness abound. Like this little girl, who noticed that her teacher was always misplacing her reading glasses and went home with a kind act in mind. She emptied the Crystal Light can and repurposed it into a glasses container. Her mom tells me that it took almost the whole school year. 
But it was worth it; just look at the JOY that this win-win created.

Then there's my friend Deanna. 
Earlier this year, she set a goal to complete 60 random acts of kindness 
by the time she turned 60.
 That milestone was yesterday and guess what?

She did it. One of her recent acts was coming to a kindergarten class to talk with them about her project. She wrote each one of those kindies a 
Bee Kind reminder on a note like this:

Another win-win because they'll remember that visit for a very long time as I imagine she will. And now they're all clamoring to take home the Kindness Journal to write about how they're working to put this virtue into action. I was also the recipient of a few of those acts after my collision when I wasn't able to drive.
Congrats, Deanna; I am so proud of you! We'd love a guest post if you want to share your story with us.

And this morning I read this heartwarming article about this daughter who is spending the week 

Yesterday we gave out these wristbands to our school family.
Glow in the dark.
Cool. To Be Kind.

But wearing it on our wrists is only a start.
Not only must we know kindness.
We must embrace it.
And then we must show it.
Every day.
All of the time.
To. every. one.
Family. Friend. Foe.
Then we'll experience the kindness change.

Such a beautiful Kindness Song {here}.

How will you be the change today?
If you're coming to the Forum, I'll see you in DC.


  1. I'm sure you'll thoroughly inspire and bless so many in the next few day, just like you do on this blog.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Needed to hear this today - and love that the song is from a "brony" - Our home loves My Little Pony!

  3. Where did you order the bands from?? LOVE THEM!!!

  4. Choose kind. :)

    Another inspirational blog post by an inspiring person! Thanks, Barbara! Have fun in DC.



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