The Halo

Today I'm wondering: What's something that you take for granted?

I'm going to have to answer Mother Nature.
Because I've spent a lot of my life too busy to notice.
Too busy to stop and savor.
Too busy to enjoy.

That might be why I can't remember seeing a halo, until now.
Look at the beauty that surrounded the sun in the sky over school.

Isn't that majestic?
Turns out it's ice crystals refracting sunlight like a prism.
So much to be grateful for when you just look around.
Or up.
So I'm adding the halo to my gratitude journal.
What are you thankful for today?


  1. Barbara:
    I love these pictures! In my mind, it just shows that angels are watching over your school. I'm thankful for a BlogFriend that inspires me to look for goodness all around me...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. Thank you, Kim. I hadn't really thought about it as angels but I like that!

  2. This post is a lovely reminder. I think I'll check out the 21 day challenge.
    Have a super day!

    1. Barb, the email reminders from our friends at Kind Spring are incredible and have really prompted reflection for me!

  3. Hi Barbara! Just checking in to tell you I LOVE the new look of your blog! Hope all is well

    Teaching With Moxie

    1. Thank you, Diane. I appreciate your kind words! It seems like forever ago when we met. How's your school year going? And how's Candace doing??


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!

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