Veterans Day 2013

Happy Veterans Day!
I've got my patriotic music loaded on the iPod
so it'll be playing as we greet the kids this morning. 

We've decorated and we're ready to celebrate the men and women who've served in our Armed Forces to keep us safe and free! We're highlighting books with a patriotic theme in our character case.

And, in our Character Court, we've posted the names of the Veterans who are connected to our school family.
Click {here} to view our photo gallery.

Our first graders have been studying about the branches of the military and writing notes of gratitude to these brave men and women. They will host them in classrooms this morning to interview them about who they are and what they did for us.

I just love that this little fella attached a penny to his.

They've also been preparing for the 5:45 program in which we'll be honoring those Veterans who served and celebrating those soldiers who are still in harm's way. It's undoubtedly one of the most important programs we do every year.

Mrs. Limmer's class memorized the Preamble to the Constitution:

Want a sneak peek? The character cam caught our first-grade patriots singing their songs in rehearsal Friday afternoon. Enjoy!

We've partnered with the Galveston County DAR to give all Veterans a flag to hold high during the program and take with them as a way to say: 
Thank you, Veterans, for your service and sacrifice.

Before the week is out, we'll also be writing notes of gratitude to the currently deployed overseas in preparation for our Citizenship Cookie Campaign. We're encouraging our families to bake a batch of cookies or cookie bars together to treat our troops to a Thanksgiving thank-you.

Want a few more ideas? 
Read about a free app to visit the World War II Memorial {here}. 
Visit Sally's post at Elementary Matters. 
Enjoy the Armed Forces halftime show that Kaitlyn performed in 
with the Longhorn Marching Band last year.
Take a Gallery Walk at Debbie's Rainbows Within Reach post {here}.
Donate to hungry and homeless Veterans at Greater Good {here}.

The Green Bay Packers' tribute from Lambeau Field two years ago.

We will never forget ...


  1. You certainly know how to cebrate and honor the Veterans! It is so nice to see, especially because in most schools it is just a holiday with no mention as to why.
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

    1. This morning when I said, "Happy Veterans Day" a little K kiddos said, "Happy What?" Perfect teachable moment ... she's in for a real treat next year when she gets to meet the Veterans in her family and invite them to be honored at our special celebration!

  2. Thanks so much for including me, Barbara and for the shout-out to my efforts. I've had such an amazing run of school visits recently and its such a thrill to share my song during those visits. Seeing my picture book in your showcase makes my day. It makes me feel like a 'real' author, like I've arrived in the BIG leagues. Your personality shines from edge-to-edge throughout your entire building's efforts to do the right thing. This is just the latest example.

    All the best for your continued efforts to improve the world.



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