The Yarn Angel

In the middle of the week last week, a fifth-grade girl who just got her cast off of her arm greeted me with an uncharacteristic smile and told me that she learned to make worry dolls while she was healing.

Intrigued by her new-found skill (and the fact that this is probably more conversation than she's ever engaged in with me in her six years at our school), I told her I'd love to see one and here's what she handed me the very next morning.

She wanted me to have it after explaining to me that you can also braid the skirt if you'd rather that your doll have legs.

So struck by how cute they were and the potential I instantly saw for hope and healing, I asked her how much it would cost to make a few more for me. She said she would make as many as I wanted but that she wouldn't charge me anything. 
Not. a. penny.

So I've already given this first one away and I've gotten requests for three more already, along with a plea to meet the yarn angel who's making these healing dolls for us.

The students in our third-grade Knitting Club are also yarn angels because they're creating caps, an essential tool to save the lives of preemies babies around the world. 

Here are some other projects I've recently learned about that would put your old yarn to use for good.

Why 'knot' get the ball rolling 
by supporting one of these angelic opportunities?

Then follow up by reading and reflecting on this treasure
whose storyline has the most beautiful thread:

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