Cat's In The Cradle

Today I'm reflecting on how time seems to slip through our fingers and I'm reminded of Harry Chapin's ballad for his son Josh that his wife helped him write. Here's what he said about it:

Surely you're familiar with the song Cat's In The Cradle.
If not, click {here} to listen to Harry perform it.
Its message is simple: Be Present!
Carpe Diem.
Seize the day.
You get a clean slate ... every day.
And you get to write your own story on it.
So that there are no regrets.
Easier said than done?

But oh, so important!
So the other night, I was thinking about this song as
I was cradling my cat. Literally ... and figuratively.
The college kids were home for a short time and we were back around the dining room table playing and bantering and squabbling.
And laughing. 
And playing. 
And, for a moment, I longed for days gone by.
And I wondered if I did a good job of being present.
What would I do differently if they were four again?
Or seven.
Or ten.

Then I'm reminded that we can't go back.
Only forward. Onward. Ahead.
Into the future.
And seize each day as if we'll only get one.
'Cause that's all we're promised. Today.
Happy today.

And on that note, I'm going to run to the donut shop
with the hubs and pick up some warm pastries.
My cats boys ought to be up soon.
Here's to seizing the sweetness.


  1. Great tail wagging message! Step out into today and enjoy it! That looks like one happy cat!!

    1. Hi Rhythm ... and yes, tail wagging indeed. This cat has brought unbelievable serenity, laughter and joy into our home! She's a hoot to watch and play with. I'll bet your mom person feels the same way about you!!!


  2. Funny you should blog about this song- I've been thinking about using it with my 6th graders this year for a close read. :)

    And looking back-yeah, there are things I would do differently. But like you said- now we have to look onward. So today when my youngest called and kept me on the phone for 1 hour 14 minutes I CHERISHED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. :)



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