Planting Our Future

So Friday morning I had the pleasure of an early-morning
conference call with some character educators at
Southside Elementary, a 2014 Texas State School of Character 
from down the road in Angleton. They came to our
National School of Character Open House four years ago
and have been on their journey down Character Road since. 
It was super exciting talking with them; 
I'm so proud of their work and was thankful for the chance to 
cheer them on,
calm them down,
and encourage them
for their NSOC Finalist site visit next Friday.

I was honored and humbled at the same time when they told me that we'd planted more than just a seed ...
that'd we'd planted a tree!

Here's the thing about that. 
Sure, someone has to do the planting.
Like these seedlings, for example.
We found them growing in our grass, planted either
by squirrels or by nature itself.
But it is also takes many hands to 
deep-root feed,
sometimes transport 
and cultivate those seeds.
And then you've got to give them time, lots of time,
before they're the trees whose shade you can sit under.
In fact, like the Greek Proverb says, it may not even be
in our lifetime that someone will enjoy the shade.
Sometimes we plant for someone else.

It's like that in education.
We're planting now for later.
For our future.
For our kids.
For the kids who are sitting next to our kids.
Who are working and playing with our kids.
Whom our kids will rely on and trust.
Whom our kids will care about and love.

So thank you, Southside Elementary, for caring so deeply for the trees that the Westwood Elementary family was able to help you plant. 
We're pleased with the heart work you're doing and we wish you well.

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