Climate Changers 2

Welcome back to my Saturday Series on 
Climate Changers at the Corner.

Today I'd like to introduce author and friend Jodi Moore.
You may know her from her treasure When A Dragon Moves In.
And while I haven't met her in real life yet, 
I have this feeling that we've known one another forever.
I had the pleasure of meeting her in a Blog Talk Radio interview
a few years back. Here's a link to that chat: 

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Doesn't she sound positively inspiring?

We were also treated to a Skype visit with her
to celebrate the release of her purrrrrfect gem called Good News Nelson last year. We were instantly engaged by her enthusiasm and so blessed by being able to listen to her read to us from her home up north over the big screen in our cafeteria.

So how is it that she's today's Climate Changer in my book?
Jodi Moore is the kind of person who naturally
walks the talk. This mother of two works hard
and, from what I can tell, plays even harder.
She's gregarious and generous,
understanding and uplifting.
innovative and inspiring ...
and she's not afraid to step out and dance. 
To Tigger dance.
For real!
I like that in a person.
She's a joy maker.
The real thing.
In fact, her joy is contagious.
Addictive, even.
Every encounter with her leaves me wanting more.
Who wouldn't want that in a friend.

What's next? A sizzling sequel to Dragon!
Click the picture to go to Jodi's blog at
for a sneak peek at her new baby.

So thank you, Jodi, for being a Climate Changer
and for your willingness to set the world on fire.

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  1. Oh Barbara! I am so honored, thrilled and blessed...not only to be mentioned in this amazing and uplifting blog, but to have you in my life!!! I can't wait for the day we get to meet - and hug - for real! <3 <3 <3 Love you so much!!!


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