coincided with the first day of spring and #CharacterDay
And we officially spent the first three hours in the ER.
No worries; everybody's okay.
Better safe than sorry, right?
John and I left there after five hours feeling
a little stressed,
and a little lot silly.

You see, it turns out it was nothing.
Nothing serious, anyway.
Nothing life threatening.
And that's good news, right?
In the end, I'd so much rather leave an ER with nothing
than with a horrible diagnosis
and an overnight or extended stay.

My character was tested a little, 
having to stay up until 3 am and 
patiently wait our turn, 
then patiently wait for results.
I'm not a very patient patient myself and
I can be a really impatient spouse.
But John needed me.
And I was happy to be there to learn that it was nothing. 

To celebrate #CharacterDay, 
our friends at Let It Ripple spent the day
creating awareness about character development
with Tiffany Shlain's film clip, The Science of Character.

I love this clip because it totally validates everything that
I believe and am passionate about nurturing in
tomorrow's leaders.

It got me to wondering ...
What if every day were Character Day?

The world would undoubtedly be a better place.
Imagine saying so long to impatience, shame, blame, addiction, guilt, jealousy, negativity, dishonesty, gossip, rumors, rude and discourteous behavior.

Pie in the sky ... or possible?

Strengths as game-changers ... I like that.
And helping people understand character development
better with an engaging PSA like this ...
great idea, don't you think?

Character can be built, developed, grown even.
We're all works in progress.
That's just so hopeful. 
And filled with joyful possibilities.
For me.
For my children, family and friends.
For my colleagues and my community.
For my country and my world.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?
I think I'll start working on that right now.
Intentionally sharpening a trait that's dulled.
Patience, maybe ...
or ... well, lot of possibilities!

What are your character strengths?
And which virtue(s) do you want to improve?
With every day as character day, 
today is a good a time as ever to get started.
Feel free to set a goal and let us know 
in the comments below if you want some support.
People who write down their goals
are more likely to intentionally work toward achieving them.
Find an accountability partner to help you in your quest.

Then enjoy the fruits of your labor, because
someone is undoubtedly watching and learning ...
from you. And lots of someones need
a character mentor like you.

Happy modeling.


  1. Glad to hear your hubby is fine. What a huge relief for you!
    My strengths? Loyalty and perseverance. Weaknesses? I don't like making mistakes. Working hard on letting that go:).

  2. I am also glad your husband is okay. No one enjoys being at the E.R. but thank goodness for the good folks who work there! It would be good for me to choose one character trait to consciously focus on each day...before I know it I would be doing them out of habit.

  3. This is a nice, thoughtful post as always. I'm glad that your Man is ok and everybody is now happy. I think that our new Godzilla pup and I are teaching each other about character. Patience and self-control. She certainly has more than her share of enthusiasm for life and all things around her. Her JOY sometimes gives me a headache, but it's certainly contagious. Thanks for the life lesson today!


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