Climate Changers 7

What a week it has been! State testing is behind us for another year {yay!}, my intern officially finished up her hours with me {insert sad face for us but happy face for her!}, and my workshop with the Leadership Academy went really well.

To top it all off, John took me out for an early fried shrimp dinner, where, as an unexpected bonus, I saw my longtime friend Audrey and her family, before he and Joshua headed out to bridge nearby and brought home this bounty. 

Wild dewberries for days. I really wanted to put on my PJs and crawl under the covers while they were on their reconnaissance mission, but, I also knew that if they were successful, John would really want some dewberry pie, so I put bedtime on the back burner for a bit (going to bed at 7 pm is overrated anyway!) and made a pie crust in preparation for this deliciousness.

Happy Saturday to us, right? Of course if you're in the area and you're reading this, we'll share. Let me know you're coming and I'll whip up the cream.

And now that I've whet your appetite, on to today's Climate Changer. I've chosen another person whom I've yet to meet in real life, so we don't have any pictures of us together that I can share, nor can I say that she lights up a room when she enters {though I suspect she does!}. What I can do is invite you to her Pinterest page {here} or her One Great Mom blog {here}, her Mama Teaches homeschooling blog {here} or her Quick Kids Crafts collaborative {here}.

But you're most likely familiar with this week's Climate Changer, the brilliant Brandi Jordan, from the Teachers' Lounge blog at Really Good Stuff, possibly because I interviewed her for a radio spot two springtimes ago.

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Just listen to her velvety voice and you'll feel her inspirational attitude. It was rainy and miserable on that February day that we talked, but her response? 
"It's okay." Climate Changers know that Mother Nature's weather outside isn't as important as the warmth they generate inside.

Among the myriad of positive virtues I appreciate about her, Brandi has the gift of encouragement. She was going through some huge knee surgery issues of her own last year during my recovery, but it didn't stop her from checking in on me periodically and sending love, affirmations, smiles and prayers my way. And despite my injuries, her heartfelt happiness had me doing a little dance every time her name popped up in my inbox. And now that we're both well on our way to recovery and restoration, she's still every bit as cheery and upbeat in our occasional correspondence. And my heart still dances every time we slow down long enough to chat and connect.

Brandi is a wife, a daughter, a mom, a multi-tasker, a teacher, and author and a friend who speaks kindly, cares deeply, and loves generously. I can't wait until we meet in person one day. 

Thank you, Brandi, for being a Climate Changer in my world.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! Barbara, you made me cry! Thank you so much for the kind words! I feel equally as blessed to call you friend. You're a constant source of encouragement, light, and joy. What a gift you are to others - including me!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lots of love to you! =)


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