Today, Some Rockin' Resources

Today, some rockin' resources to help make your job easier.

Click the picture for a heartwarming Thai Life Insurance commercial.

1. Visit the "V" Channel for a video clip and lesson idea for teaching the concept of Flexibility. Then buy two straws, one of each type, and extend the clip with your students.

2. Need to help shape a behavior? Find oodles and oodles of printable behavior charts for free {here}.

3. Learn more about Foster Care with the powerful short film  ReMoved and prepare to be moved to tears and to want to take action. We regularly had foster children in our home during my formative years, so this really gave me a new appreciate for their plight and my parents' part in their healing, health, and hope.

4. Loads of career and college-readiness stuff at Shmoop Careers!

5. Click {here} for a Response to Intervention site that's an interventionist's dream.

6. Check out what my friend Jordon has to say about how she used Today'sMeet with her class {here}.

7. Bookmark Letters of Gratitude and sign up for their newsletter to get new ideas about how to live a life of gratitude and find happiness in the present.

8. Take a virtual tour of college campuses {here}. Your students will love visiting their future home away from home!

That ought to keep you busy for awhile.

Expect a Super Sunday!


  1. Thank you for the resources, Barbara. You covered a lot of topics today! Here's a video I used to see through the eyes of one of my students, and then we talked about it after watching it together:


    A nice complement to Ruby Payne's work.

    1. Wow - powerful stuff. Thank you, Tanya ... your students are SO blessed to have you working with them!


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