Mommy Moments

Happy Mother's Day!
I so enjoyed the last week in my office because I could hear the first graders practicing their song for their moms:
A you're adorable, B you're so beautiful,
C you're a cutie full of charm!

My favorite gifts ever are the homemade ones.
The caring coupons, 

the paper weights, 

the distorted portraits.

K you're so kissable ...

I was even chosen Mother of the Year twice,
when my college kids were seven and eight.

The notes inside these timeless magazine-cover cards are 
beautifully heartfelt and totally bring me to tears.
Where has the time gone?

As I was cleaning out closets yesterday, I couldn't help but wonder if I really need to save all of these treasures. I certainly treasure each and every one. And while I was able to pitch a few things, mostly I just savored the memories of my mommy moments gone by, dusted stuff off, and put it back on the shelf for another day.

I found this, too ... a picture from about fifteen years ago.
My sister Debra scheduled a photo shoot with our daughters
to give as a gift to our mom that year. 
In matching dresses.
Just like mom used to buy for us.
Sometimes our mix-and-match outfits were even reversible!

Click {here} for a Disney tribute to Moms
and {here} for a sweet clip from Wing Clips.

Don't you just love Mother's Day?

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