A Friendship Homerun

I guess it's natural, that I'd forget from year to year how much I enjoy
 the long, lazy days of summer. 
The leisure. 
The savoring.
Staying up late.
Sleeping in.
Breathtaking sunsets.

 When I was younger, I used to tease my roommate about vacation stress, because she wasn't a teacher and didn't get the gift of those days. And, truth be told, I'm usually rarin' to get back to school as we turn the calendar from July to August, but for right now, in this moment, I'm reveling in some serious relaxation and rejuvenation. {If you'll excuse me, the microwave just beeped, signaling that the milk for my candy-bar-in-a-cup is ready ... be right back!}

Anyway, today an update. First, you must check out this touching review from my friend Tammy in Idaho. It's funny, that word friend, because I haven't actually met Tammy in real life ... yet. But I know from her dedication to and passion for children that she's my kind of people! Thank you, Tammy, for your beautiful words.

I promise that my posts will not always be about the book, but, for now, I'm delighted to share my readers with the bloggers who've been kind enough 
to share their reflections.

And now, a story about a cyberspace collaborator whom I haven't met yet, either, but will tomorrow. Yesterday started out frustrating, actually, because I got a note from MO that my transportation had fallen through and I would be on my own to get from the airport to the Conference Center. Well, not that that's a huge problem, because I'm told it's only about 10 miles down the road. What's the big deal, right? Just hail a taxi, for heaven's sake. But I kind of cruised into operation fix-it mode and went through my mental roladex to see if I knew anyone, anyone at all, that could help me in St. Louis. Then I remembered that I'd invited a counselor to come to my session. Would it be way too bold or forward to send her a message and ask for a ride? Desperate times call for desperate measures, so yep, I sent her a PM. On Facebook. That's how we met. But friends, it's counseling and character that connect us. She wrote back to say that it'd be her pleasure to pick me up and that, if the flight is on time, we'd even be there  for that 9 am keynote in the morning with time to spare. Just how far will superheroes fly to help out a friend? So thank you, Tracy. Why did the song Meet Me In St. Louis just pop into my head?

So after St. Louis, I head to WI to speak at my home state's Character Conference. I appreciate them because they're allowing a few of my family and friends in as guests to my workshop. Can't wait, because my mom, sister, Aunt Eileen, a cousin or two and Lisa from Growing Firsties will be in the audience cheering me on. Then it's off for extra innings the family farm before heading to San Diego for the Character Matters conference in sunny southern CA. Againm conference personnel have allowed me to invite a few guests {Thank you Paty and Ed!}, so I'm meeting up with Jill from Kids for Peace, Shawna from The Picture Book Teacher's Edition, and Kim from Joy In Sixth! How about that lineup? 

Here comes another singalong ... 
Take me out to the ball game; Take me out to the crowds.
See you at the ball park.

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  1. Thank you dear Barbara. I especially love how you used the word "yet."
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!

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