B2S Bulletin Boards

We're meeting our new-to-district families in fifteen minutes, so all I have time for today is to share a few new visual displays.

Turns out I just thought that I'd done my last board.
This one used to be mine, but I gave it to our GT teacher last year and guess what? She moved. To another district. Down the road. So it's mine again. Today I threw this together, just to splash some character color on the wall.

Just down Trustworthiness Trail, you'll find Mrs. Niland's 
fishy new creation for her second grade swimmers.

Down Acceptance Avenue in our third grade, Mrs. Pendergrast put together her variation of Dr. Fuller's BE Board!

This one caught my eye in McKinney ISD at Bennett Elementary; is their music teacher ready for her superheroes or what?

Signing off to go soar with our superheroes.
Cape UP!

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