Be A Character CaTaLySt

Today I'm delighted to share that a cool front came through,
allowing me to brave a building with no air yesterday.
Check out my Character Chemistry creation:

At this point, you might be thinking ... 
Do they actually do chemistry in elementary school nowadays?
And to that I answer ... no, not formally.
But, I saw this comic and I couldn't help myself.

An adaptation of the periodic table with character values.
Now you're probably wondering ... 
Isn't catalyst kind of a big word for little learners?
And to that I'd say ... absolutely.
But not too big for our superheroes.
Here's what I'm thinking.

When students stop by my office, I can use this board, 
strategically located just outside my door, as a talking point.
Which element is your strength?
Which one needs the most work for you?
Which one would you add that's missing from this table?

Encourage students to look up the word catalyst online.
What does it have to do with character?

Is a catalyst more like a superhero or a sidekick? How?
If there were four elements taken from the word CaTaLySt, 
what would they be?
Ca = Capable? Calm?
Ta = Thankful? Transparent?
Ly = Loyal? 
St = Studious? Sensitive? 
Just some thoughts.
What if the elements were negative rather than positive?
If Ly, for example, represented Lazy?
I can't wait to see how students react.

And speaking of reacting, I predict you'll love the freebie that my dear friend Lisa is posting mid-morning to go with the perseverance chapter in my book over at Growing Firsties
I don't know what time, so enjoy the element of surprise!

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