Don't Lose Your Marbles

It's been a weird sort of two weeks without a regular blog; 
here are the top five things what I've learned on the road:

5. I really delight in planting seeds. And my message
What you plant will grow! has been well-received.
4. I really enjoy collaborating with other character educators and seeing the good stuff that's already going on in their schools.
3. I really thrive on challenging educators to want more for themselves {and their kids} and to get better. Every day.
2. I really appreciate the people who are willing to provide transportation so I don't have to navigate their towns in a rental.
1. I really rely on the hotels to have a working blow dryer {don't ask!}.

Based on Carol Dweck's work, here's a popular Mindset slide I found at Mind, Body, Cheer that I've been challenging school family members to think about, for themselves first, then the students under their mentorship and care:

So now I'm home and eager to get back into the groove of things. What a rush to welcome our new families, then reconnect with our returning families back shortly thereafter Thursday evening. Talk about a healthy overdose of hugs and happiness!  
Such a blessing to get to start over again every August. 
To wipe the slate clean and start our stories anew. 
To sharpen our tools and perfect our craft.

Last night my husband took us out to dinner and then to a Games 'n Comics story. There, I found a bin of colorful marbles for ten cents each, and I hand-picked 85 of them, one for each faculty member. I'm making these to put in faculty boxes tomorrow:

It's adapted from an idea that a counseling colleague in cyberspace threw out there; I'm going to sign each of them to remind our faculty and staff that counselors are on campus for them, too.

Because, guess what? The newness of August will wear off. Even the strongest of staff members will start to weaken a bit. Just like magicians have to restock their bag of tricks, superheroes must recharge their energy source. So I want to make sure teachers and support staff alike know that I'm here and available to meet their needs, too.

Oh, and a box of books just arrived from Amazon,
so check back regularly for new reviews and ideas.

Here's to a terrific new year to flourish, thrive and grow.

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