Superheroes Of The Character Kind

Happy Friday. 
We did it. 
We survived thrived through our first week back!
What a blast it has been to reunite with our school family 
and talk with the kids about being superheroes.
Because they are, you know.
They have the power to change the world.
For good!
Can you feel it?
My friend Jamaica from Inked Designs created a graphic
so we could encourage others to follow suit.
To cape up.
To soar to new heights.
To be a superhero of the character kind.
Wouldn't it be an adorable T?

I'm headed home now to take in some Friday night lights, then I'll be unplugging until Tuesday. First I must share this adorable story about an encounter I had with my first-grade friend Harley, who routinely stops at my morning spot to check in. She told me sincerely and in no uncertain terms yesterday that everybody loves me. And her kind words warmed me to the core. I almost began to cry when she added, "You know why everybody loves you so much, Mrs. Gruener? Because you look so so cute every day!" I don't mind telling you that this veteran wasn't feeling very cute this week, but that little superhero has the power to change the world with her exquisite expressions. And because she says it's so, I believe it's true. And my heart filled to the brim with joy and soared to new heights.

What sends your heart soaring?
I'll be back on Tuesday with a fun mindset post.
Until then, happy weekend!


  1. Harley sounds like a keeper. I'm thankful she let you know how wonderful you are.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Sounds like school is off to a super start!!!


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