Techno-Charity: Maurice's Secret Sycamore App

Today I'm delighted to announce that
will be released Friday and I can't wait.
My copy came in the mail last week.

In addition to the fact that it's a really neat tale about hope and freedom, I'm excited because I was invited to write the Foreword! 

Adding to the awesomeness is the fact that Maurice's charitable-giving app was released just this week! Download Maurice's Secret Sycamore for free {here}.

App description from the creators: 
Picture yourself no bigger than a mouse, opening a door in the base of a Sycamore tree. You have magically arrived in the home of Maurice, world traveler and collector of the world’s wisdom. Secret passages lead to rooms full of math, memory, geography and other educational games. Game points earned can be transformed into books for kids in need. These donations model the lessons of compassion central to the companion children’s book series Maurice's Valises. This is a free, non-commercial app for children 5-9. 

How exciting is that? Technology meets charity to create a win-win for young and old alike. Kids helping kids by donating books while game-playing is genius; I am so inspired by author Jerry Friedman and so grateful to be a part of his projects.

Happy Sunday.

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