Monday Made-It: Fingerless Gloves

How will you celebrate healthy choices?

We've got a Coins 4 Character collection going on,
to help our friends at Post Elementary recover from a fire.
We're also sending our character message out into the community when we deliver pizzas for our Papa John's Fundraiser on Thursday night. I can't wait.

This weekend I decided to knit something besides a scarf or a baby hat and, guess what? I finished in time to link up with Tara's October Monday Made-It!

Check out these fingerless gloves. I didn't really use a pattern,
but this link will take you lots of free pattern downloads.

So here's what mine looked like when it was still on the needles:

And once sewn up the sides, here's the finished product.

Isn't that fun?
And the yarn is so yummy 'cause it's from an alpaca in Peru!

So this is what I did. I cast on 36 stitches, then knit five rows using the basic garter stitch. Then I switched to a knit one row, purl one row pattern for about 40 rows. This will vary depending on how high up your arm you want your gloves to go. When you have your desired length from the thumb up, start to cable with a knit two stitches, purl two stitches pattern for about 10 rows, again depending on your hand size and desired amount to cover it.
Bind off and sew up the sides, leaving a two-inch slit for your thumb to come through.

I'm so excited to have tried something new. 
What have you made lately that makes you happy?

Finally, I'm delighted to share that my book 
is now available in Kindle format {here}. 
To kick off Character Counts! week, I'm offering it for free today (10/20) and tomorrow (10/21), so head there now and download it to your Kindle at no charge. 
Cape Up and Crusade On.


  1. WoW! I love a good deal and getting What's Under Your Cape? for FREE is an amazing deal! Even though I have the print version I am downloading it on my Kindle, too! Now I will have a copy at school and one at home (for lesson planning on the weekends). Thanks so much, Barbara! Your generosity is amazing!

    1. And, as a bonus, your name is spelled correctly in the Kindle version, Tanya!!!!! Hope all's well in Montana.

    2. :) Awww...Thanks, Barbara!


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