Making Kindness Viral

Happy World Kindness Day 2015.

Welcome to our Warm The World With Kindness campaign.
Need a resource to help make kindness go viral?
Check out Words Wound by Justin V. Patchin and Sameer Hinduja.

Written with connected kids in mind and dedicated to teens everywhere, Words Wound is a must for all students as well as any parent, grandparent, educator, caregiver, and/or guardian who wants to keep our children safe and help make respect and kindness online {and off} a habit. Period. Exclamation point. 

Positively filled with real-life stories and actionable strategies for responsible computer use, this treasure is laid out in three parts:

Part One: Cyberbullying - What you need to know
Part Two: Treating others with respect and protecting yourself
Part Three: Building a culture of kindness

 The Think About It boxes encourage deeper reflection that will likely prompt important discussions with peers and role models; the Status Update pages ask readers to take a realistic look at their own digital citizenship.

Kindness truly is the real global warming. 
Check out this book; I enthusiastically recommend it.

Here now, some additional resources to help spread kindness like wildfire:

Check out a cool Kind Acts generator from Shari's Berries {here}.
Harvest some Random Acts of Kindness suggestions {here}.
Purchase Kids for Peace half-priced kindness merchandise {here}. 

We're getting the blue wristbands for our students; I can't wait! 
And if you haven't already signed up for the Great Kindness Challenge 2016, 
you can do so by clicking on this save-the-date graphic.

Treat yourself to these inspiring Kindness Tree visual displays.
Enjoy an interview with Lisa Currie from Ripple Kindness Project {here}.
Soak up some sage advice from Sue Scheff: Just Be Nice.
Mine service jewels from this Pennies of Time Kind Acts page.
Read a post about Sneaky Cards: Play It Forward {here}.
Help MaryCate's cause with Kind Ts at Mama Said Tees {here}.

Always choose kind.
I like that.
Any questions?

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  1. Your choice today is perfect for World Kindness Day, which is new to me. The book addresses cyberbullying but emphasizes solutions, like respect and kindness. I have this book, but haven't reviewed it yet.


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