I Love That He Bounces

Today I'm excited because I took the character cam out and saw so much goodness on our campuses. First, this Thankful Turkey crafted by the first-grade team. All of their thankful things are beautifully displayed on the colorful feathers.

Then, this note from a third-grade girl, for me.

When I asked her about it, she told me that she drew it to be "kind of like an Amusement Park ride because kindness makes everybody happy." I didn't think it could get any more magical than that, until I saw what a PAL had worked on with the third grader she mentors. Can you imagine how cool it must be to see yourself through your role model's eyes?

She made their time together interactive ...

by asking him leading questions ...

about how he puts our Pillars of Character ...

into action. Be still my heart.

Then I snapped this shot of an owl silhouette that just showed up last week. Mysteriously. On my wall.
It took me a day or two to figure out whoooooooo
would leave me such a beautiful surprise.
Doesn't it fit perfectly?

And to close, my personal story of the day about our youngest child, Joshua.

Today as I was visiting with our high school PALs teacher, she remarked that she saw Joshua bouncing down the halls yesterday, en route to his chemistry class. 

"He doesn't walk, you know," she told me. "He bounces." 
Then she added, "I love that he bounces." 

It warms my heart that she sees the beauty in the bounce. We talked about him for awhile, what he's working on, how he's doing. She normalized some junior-year behaviors and, as always, offered to check on him and help if ever he needs anything. When we hung up, I found myself thinking that we are abundantly blessed to have caring adults who notice and appreciate the small stuff, like the spring in his step, about Joshua.

So this afternoon, I sent her this affirmation: 
I love that you know that he bounces.
And I smiled.

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