Squirrels At Work

This chubby fella comes to my back door!
Don't you just LOVE watching the squirrels at work? The ones in our backyard are so very busy this time of year, trying to remember where they put those nuts last fall. I've actually found several of their treasures because they've sprouted and started growing into trees, like the little sapling below. We think it's a pecan tree and we're totally praying that they forget where it is so that they don't dig it up. It makes me wonder if they're counting on a little growth to help them remember where they've stored each particular nut.

Fingers crossed that they don't remember this one!
It also reminds me that in education we're planting seeds ALL. Of. The. TIME!  Every day, we look for fertile soil that we can dig a little hole in and do some planting. We water and fertilize, and then we wait. Sometimes we have to wait a very long time. And while we're waiting, we pray over those little nuts, that nothing harms or uproots them, that nobody messes with them before they're able to blossom and bear fruit. Sometimes we don't actually get to enjoy the fruits of our labor ourselves, but someone will. Just as those pecans are going to be part of a delicious pie one day, thanks to the squirrels' hard work, so are our little seedlings growing to do amazing things, thanks to you. Whom are you praying over today? Happy gardening!

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