Endless Skype-Abilities

Social Studies by Skype? Sure thing. Soldiers by Skype?  You betcha! Science by Skype? Yeah, buddy. Seems that the Skype possibilities are endless. Just this week, Autumn Bockart's sixth-grade class at Friendswood Jr. High visited by Skype with my brother Mark in Milwaukee, Wisconsin about their project that involves creating an advertising campaign that champions a cause; he works for Clear Channel Outdoor Advertising and was able to answer their questions about billboards. Right before winter break, our third graders had a Skype chat with a solider on active duty in Iraq and we got to watch as he opened a care package from us.

Students reflect on John's visits
This Thursday, my husband John made a virtual visit  to Reagan Tunstall's first-grade classroom over near San Antonio to enrich their rock unit. In December, he did a similar lesson with Jordan's fifth graders up in Missouri following their Solar System study. What a memorable moment for these little learners to welcome a NASA scientist to their classroom! And Joshua's seventh-grade Social Studies class made several Skype calls to the students' older siblings; they visited with our future college kids live from their college campuses last Fall to enhance the school's college-awareness activities. I love the outreach and collaboration that this type of technology can provide. I recently found a blog with this list of authors who Skype.  For free!  How have you used Skype as a tool in your students' learning?


  1. I am still "over the moon" about our Skype session with Mr. John Gruener! Fabulous! I adore both of you. Thank you for wanting to impact learners in every way possible!

  2. I want to Skype! I am working on a Skype event as part of writing workshop. I hope to find an author that will talk to teachers and students about writing/illustrating. This is such an easy way to communicate without the usual boundaries.

  3. We had a skype teacher development workshop in the fall. At first we didn't feel a personal connection to what she was saying but soon she warmed up to looking into a camera and we warmed up to her being on a screen and we were relating and laughing etc.

  4. i have just skyped many times with a canadian authour. we used her books to study story elements and then got advice on the writing process. I can not stop raving about what a great learning tool it has been for the students. they love it. i am planning to use it more. mary at apopovic@primus.ca


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!