The CAN in Cancer

Today I'm grateful for my friend Stephanie and to the doctors at M.D. Anderson who have helped her beat breast cancer. Yesterday, she shared a story that literally took my breath away. Just days into January early this year, Stephanie learned that she had breast cancer and was in for the fight of her life. And fight she did. Tears were welling in my eyes as I listened to a brave Stephanie's detailed account about surgery, then triple chemo, then pending radiation.
 Then losing her hair, and eyebrows, and eye lashes.
And hats and wigs before embracing baldness. 

Team Jones has earned $15,000 for cancer research!

Talk about strong and courageous. With her fight not yet over, Stephanie decided to recount the events of her struggle on a You Tube video and use a chance encounter with a stranger in the Target parking lot to support, encourage and give hope to other cancer victims. 
What an inspiration. 
Grab your tissues and listen in on how one of my counseling colleagues put the CAN into her cancer journey. 

I've heard it said that there is no testimony without a test.

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  1. Whoa. What an incredible and amazing testimony. And how incredibly gracious of your friend Stephanie to share such a personal journey so others might be uplifted in their own battles with this horrible disease. The timing of this post has got my attention. Just this week my friend Stephanie, from Williamsburg, Va., is at MD Anderson finding out that she is showing no signs of the recurrence of her Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She was diagnosed Stage IIIC in 2011 and went through all of the rigorous and painful treatments and then a few months of feeling good. Late last year it metastasized in her bones and treatment resumed. But so did PRAYER and now she is showing free of cancer in her scans. So to your Stephanie and mine, praise be to God!


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