That Pale Blue Dot

As we continue relaxing and restoring,
and moving out of one year and into another, 
I, for one, am feeling philosophical.

This clip has given me rich food for thought.
And though we are small and seemingly insignificant
in this vast universe and in the big scheme of things,
I still maintain that every small pebble,
dropped into the water 
at the right place
 and at the right time,
has the enormous capacity to ripple out
and make a world of difference.

Happy rippling.


  1. Hi Barbara! I've resolved that every day of 2014 I will visit and comment on a blog that promotes kindness and positivity. Your cheerful posts and images are just the thing to put a smile on my face today! Glad I found my way here.

    1. What a FUN resolution, Meg! Thank you for your kind words; stop by any time.



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