The Wonder Of Words

I was so touched by the gift that Katie over at Little Warriors
got that I just have to share! Click the graphic above
to be transported to a true treat,
in the Spirit of Christmas.

Her post got me to thinking about gifts.
And giving.
Christmas is all about giving, because humankind got
The Best Gift Ever!

And, in obedience to Him, we celebrate the birth of His Son
and we give gifts to others.

The gifts from the heart, those no-cost gifts, are the ones
that I tend to gravitate toward and treasure. 
From Luke 2:19 - 
And Mary kept all of these things and pondered them in her heart.

The Kindergarten boy who re-gifted the special candy cane 
from his teenage mentor to his bus driver, because
"Christmas is all about giving."

The card that came in the mail checking on me 
and asking if I had regained my strength of joy.

The classroom invitations I got to read my favorite
Christmas stories to my students before break.

The musicians who are sharing the gift of music
with choral and instrumental pieces this Christmas.

The email I received asking if I need any help.

The friends who took the time to make an affirming video for Katie, 
telling her how special she is to them and her school family. 

Words of joy.
Words of love.
Words of hope.
Words of peace.
Words of caring.
Words of respect.
Words of apology.
Words of gratitude.
Words of kindness.
Words of affirmation.
Words of forgiveness.
Words of encouragement.

Add up the wonder of words ...

Zero dollars + zero cents = Priceless!

Click {here} for the Tell Me message from the Hallmark people who also appreciate the wonder of words.

Merry Christmas.


  1. You and your words are a gift. Merry Christmas Barbara.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Blessings to you on Christmas, Barbara! Thank you for your everflowing blessings, wisdom and encouragement to the rest of us throughout the year. ((big hug))

  3. I wish you a joyful, relaxing Christmas! Your energy and spirit are a priceless gift.

  4. I agree with Tammy!!! The wonder of words is ALWAYS in your blog posts! :)



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