Goofus & Gallant

Birthday blessings to my baby little younger brother Paul!
Wish we were in WI to celebrate with you today.

Who remembers Goofus and Gallant? 
I totally loved reading about them at the dentist office 
when I was a kid!
Check this out ... our service club was featured in the Gallant Kids section, page 21, in Highlights magazine back in August of 2008!

What a highlight for us!

In its 11th year, the Westwood Knitting Club has found nearly a thousand boys and girls learning how to knit and then giving their handiwork away. 

In service to others. 

squares for afghans, 
and baby hats.

For good.

To warm them up. And possibly save their lives.

Click {here} for more info on 
our third-grade knit-for-service club.
Sheila at Pennies Of Time invited me to guest post 
last summer and tell our story {here}. 

And now, she's hosting a linky party so that we can share our promising practice for the MLK Day of Service {here}. Thank you, Sheila; what a wonderful collection of service learning ideas!

How are you knitting kindness in your world?


  1. I too used to read Goofus and Galant! I think I could relate to them very well. Sometimes I felt like I was the bad one, but knew that I should try harder to be like the good one! I love the idea of a knitting club. What a great gift for these kids to learn and to give away too.
    BTW. . . . I'm going to be a gramma again! Mackenzie is due on July 6th. So I'll be in Pearland around that time. We'll have to schedule a meet up!

  2. My great Aunt (a former teacher) had the biggest collection of Highlights. I loved the Hidden Pictures and Goofus and Galant. The knitting club is certainly a Galant idea! Your school truly sounds amazing.

  3. You have some extraordinary things going on at your school! A real inspiration to all. Thanks for sharing!


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