The Outcome

Happy Wednesday!

I see this sign in Mrs. Quigley's window across the hall 
every time I leave my office.

It's given me pause more than once.
It tends to jump out at me and it makes me think.
Could be because I'm in this new role as an intern supervisor.
Or that I'm starting to think about retirement.
Maybe just because it's clever. 
And true.

As I reflect, I can't help but wonder, in my 30 years, 
how many outcomes I've had a hand in.
How many I've influenced.
How many I've left just a little better.
And how many I could have done better with.

Makes me tired ... and challenges me ... all at once.
The good news?
Today I get another chance to influence an outcome.

Bring it!


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!

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