Voice & Choice

As many of you know, I value student voice and choice.
A lot! 

So today, I'm sharing some guiding questions that I use
when I'm planning peace-class lessons with my kiddos.

1. Will students get to choose from a number of activities?
2. Will they be able to adjust concepts to a personal interest?
3. Will they choose whether or not to work with others?
4. Will they get to choose their partner?
5. Will they find the topic interesting?
6. Will they find the topic engaging?
7. Will they find the topic relevant?
8. What will their role in the class be today? 
9. Will students have the skills to be successful in the lesson?
10. What might their goals for our time together be?
11. Are the students able to monitor their own progress?
12. How will I know if the students felt successful?
13. Will the students consider this activity fun?
14. How can I guarantee that everyone participates?
15. What prior knowledge will the student need for this lesson?

How do you ensure student voice and choice?

We just found out that we have late arrival tomorrow.
Stay bundled up and enjoy the winter wonderland.


  1. These are valuable questions to ask. Thank you for posting them. I love Daily 5 because of the voice and choice that you're talking about.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Barbara, thank you so much for putting these questions on "paper." I believe I go through the same ones when planning lessons, with the exception of #10 about what the students' goals for our time together might be. That is a great one, and definitely worth pondering. With all due credit to you, for yet another extremely valuable tool, I am going to go over this list with my new intern next week when we sit down to plan. Again, I have always thought about these and discussed them with former interns, but having them in writing will make my planning time with her more meaningful. I think when one has been at this as long as we have....well, we take for granted that we can just "go" with our lessons. Thanks for a timely reminder that it's always good to take a step back and make certain we're putting the best out there for our students!

  3. Some great thoughts to ponder. Hope you're staying warm!


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