Sprinkling Kindness

If you're a regular reader, then you know that I usually set Fridays aside for a PPBF review. But my two choices of books I'd planned to review were already on the list, so I'm taking a break from PPBF until next week.

Today I'm thinking about kindness because of this pretty bulletin board that my intern made. We added the butterfly post-it notes with students' answers from peace class, things like 
keep your promises, 
read with someone, 
invite someone over, 
play nicely, 
tell the truth, 
smile at someone.

Want more kindness-conspiracy ideas? 
Read The Kindness Clause in the Character Educator {here}.

How do you focus your kids on kindness?


  1. I really like that kindness board! You have the best ideas! Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Rhythm. I've also considered adding a water can in the corner to visually show "sprinkling" ... my bucket overflows when you stop by and sprinkle your kind comments!!


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