Puppet Power

I've recently welcomed four new family members into the fold at the Puppet Palace.

Meet Patch,



and PJ.

Aren't they adorable? Each one different, each one special.
Because they were gifts, from friends, to me.
I see them as gifts of encouragement, to keep on
writing puppet scripts and impacting children
through the medium of puppetry.

It's fun, because students will actually ask me things like,
"What problem is that one going to need help solving?"
and "What's its name?" or "Is it a boy or a girl?"

And I ask myself, "They DO know they're puppets, right?"

And when they fret about the safety of the puppets during a fire drill, for example, I'm not exactly sure the answer to that question.

What I do know is this: We've got the ability to positively influence and shape a child's thoughts, words, and deed when we've got a puppet on our hand. 
Students are instantly engaged and they're listening. 
They'll say things to a puppet that they wouldn't tell a person.
 They laugh. 
They teach. 
They remember. 
And they notice.

Just last Friday, a kindergartener noticed my basket of seals and he asked, "When are those walruses going to talk to us?" Just so cute!

After school recently, Luke, another kindergarten friend, brought by an empty and thoroughly cleaned out five-gallon cheese-puffs bin that he'd labeled Puppets Sleep Jar and asked if he could tuck the new puppets in so they don't get scared in their sleep. Super sweet!!

Here's what I found this morning ... a candle to keep them warm!

And when I get notes, students inevitably tell me that they love my puppets ... or their favorite puppet is Pillar ... or say hi to Boris.

Then when they see me in the hallways, they want to know which puppet I'm going to use next. I think it'll be Patch, when we discuss differences later this week. Shhhh, don't tell.

Never underestimate the power of the puppet ...


  1. I don't use a lot of the puppets I have but now I know I need to do more with them. I had just gotten the most beautiful peacock puppet from Amazon. I used it with the book Three Hens and a Peacock and the kids loved it. That is one cool puppet that even my fourth graders wanted!

  2. I love puppets! You added some great ones to your Puppet Palace. One of my favorites (I like it so much I own two) is the tortoise puppet from Folkmanis http://www.folkmanis.com/Prod-67-1-33-1/tortoise.htm

    What makes him so special is that he can be used to express a variety of feelings. He can go inside his shell if he's feeling scared or shy. Or he can go inside if he's feeling angry and think of a another way to deal with his anger.

    I call him Tucker and kids always care for him and nurture him. I've never seen a child be aggressive toward him. They will have him whisper in their ear what he's feeling and the children give him suggestions on how to manage the intensity of his feelings.

    If I could have only one puppet in my play therapy room or portable play therapy kit it would be Tucker.

  3. That is so awesome that your kids love your puppets so much! I love kids! There are just wonder to me. i think I'm like your puppets. If the Mom Person goes anywhere without one of us dogs, she is bombarded with questions and concerns about us being home alone. I love kids!


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