Your Role In Their Story

Today I'm excited because I'm putting the final touches on my plan for an all-day workshop with the counselors in McKinney ISD. I find it so gratifying and rewarding to be in a position to play a role in their story. 

I can't wait to see who the participants in my workshop are 
and what they're bringing to the room with them.

Yesterday I came across this clip that really clicked with me.
How many times has this been us? 

Without the benefit of the service spectacles, of course.

And I couldn't help but wonder ...
Who gives you that pair of specs?
How does wearing them change who you are and how you react?
To whom might you give that pair of specs?

Totally reminds me of The Sandal Artist by Kathleen T. Pelley. Only it's shoes that helps Roberto see his potential role in their story, his ability to look beyond himself and positively influence someone else's world.

Empathy is such a divine virtue; so is kindness. 
What will they help you see more clearly today?

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