Catawampus Combat

Sometimes things are just a little catawampus in life, so I decided not to straighten this, even though I was tempted.

My friend Deanna included it in her Valentine to me and I love it.
Not only do we get to see this dad nurturing his seeds with those all-important virtues, but we also get to experience the beauty of his labor of love. 
Just look at what he grew ...

There's no question that children learn what they live.

And in a catawampus world that's sometimes turned upside down for children and adults alike, it's increasingly important that we nourish those seeds with more tender loving care than sometimes even we think that we can muster. 

I used to think that we could cover up the bad seeds that grew 
with happy stuff, 
the negative with positive, 
the dark with light.

But as I visit with children, staff, and parents alike, I realize that simply covering it up isn't enough. That doesn't help send it packing, that just covers it up. Puts a bandage on it. Hides it away for later.

So this past year, I've been working more intentionally to confront issues head on (and carefront people if necesary) and find strategies to realign and straighten things out rather than just pretend they're not there.

I think in the end, it'll be a healthier way to approach life's challenges 
and deal with problematic areas.

In the meantime, I'll keep encouraging those with whom I'm blessed to cross paths 
to garden with grace, 
to sow with sensitivity,
to labor with love, 
 to cultivate with caring,
to reap with respect,
to water with wonder, 
to harvest with hope.

Here's to combating those bad seeds and weeds 
and keeping them out of our beautiful flowerbeds. 


  1. I wish you were around. I'd trust you to intentionally and carefully confront and find strategies for some of my kiddos.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Is San Diego any closer to you than TX? I'll be headed there to speak at a conference in late June; maybe you can swing a trip to Southern CA! Thank you for your kind affirmations, Tammy.

  2. I love your ideas for encouragement! Definitely a big part of our job! :)



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